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Tulsa Concrete Contractors has a team of expert patio builders that will help make your dream outdoor space vision into reality. We ensure top quality services from our highly experienced experts. Our team has years of training and experience under their belt when it comes to building patios out of concrete with rates that will not break your bank.

Concrete has now become one of the leading outdoor installation materials of choice, especially when it comes to patio construction. It is durable and has weather-resistant features and treatments that help it last longer than other alternatives. 

Concrete Patio Contractor Tulsa

When dealing with concrete patios, it is best to work with Tulsa Concrete Contractors, one of the best concrete patio companies that services Tulsa, Oklahoma, and other areas such as Sand Springs, Sapulpa and Broken Arrow. Aside from concrete patio installation, we also offer the following services:

Concrete Patio Refinishing

If you already have an existing patio with minor damages, you can use our concrete patio refinishing service to restore it to its former glory. We will make it look like the whole thing is freshly installed. Our team of expert patio installers will do this by deep cleaning your concrete patio, patching up cracks and chips, and putting a new coat of finish to make it look brand new.

Concrete Patio Resurfacing

Concrete patio resurfacing is the best solution for patio with areas that have significant damages. Our team of expert patio installers will cover up the damaged surface by putting a new layer of polymer or cement to patch up its imperfections. This new layer can then be customized according to your desired texture or color to give the space a fresh look.

Stamped Patio Overlays

Making your patio flooring look like stone or brick is entirely possible with the use of stamped patio overlays. This technique aims to mimic the texture of higher-end material for a more affordable cost. Once the concrete is patterned, we offer stained concrete services to match natural colors with earthy tones, or even bright colors that pop!

Benefits of Concrete Patio Tulsa

Having a concrete patio does not only provide you with a beautiful outdoor space but with other benefits as well

Additional Functional Space

By installing a concrete patio, increase the functional space for outdoor entertainment in your property. Doing this is very practical because it will also help increase the market value of the property, especially when the patio is beautiful and well-made.

Easy to Maintain

A cement patio does not require a lot of maintenance. All you have to do is make sure cracks and chips are well taken care of so that it will last for a long time.


It can be difficult to find high-quality at rates you can afford these days which is why we offer our high-quality services at affordable yet still competitive pricing. This gives you incredible value for money.

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