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Concrete Cutting and Sawing Services

Tulsa Concrete Contractors offers concrete cutting and sawing services for residential and commercial projects. With over 20 years of industry experience, our team has the skills and equipment to complete all concrete cutting with precision and quality. Whether you need saw cuts for remodeling, foundation work, or other concrete construction tasks, our licensed professionals can handle any concrete cutting job safely and on schedule. We aim to deliver accurate, high-standard work that meets our customers’ needs and vision for their projects. Contact us today to discuss your concrete cutting requirements and get a quote.
A construction site with a freshly poured concrete foundation and floor with several PVC plumbing stub-outs, a wheelbarrow, and a worker in the background.
Worker in a high-visibility jacket using an orange concrete saw to cut through a gray concrete surface, generating dust, wearing safety boots.

What is Concrete Cutting?

Concrete cutting is a broad term that encompasses various techniques used to modify concrete, from creating small openings to adjusting existing structures. It’s a precision-driven process, often employed for detailed work like creating joints or making precise holes. This method is about finesse and accuracy, ensuring that every cut serves a specific purpose in your project’s design.

On the other hand, concrete sawing is a subset of concrete cutting, typically used for larger, more robust tasks. Think of it as the heavy-duty counterpart, ideal for cutting through thicker sections of concrete. This technique is commonly applied in major construction works, like creating large openings for doors or windows or segmenting concrete for removal. It’s about combining power with precision, using advanced sawing equipment to handle the tougher, larger-scale aspects of concrete modification.

At Tulsa Concrete Contractors, our arsenal is tailored for every unique challenge. Our powerful full-size slab saws can slice through concrete up to 16 inches thick with ease. For outdoor tasks, we deploy gasoline-driven saws for their sheer power, while indoors, we switch to electric models, prioritizing your indoor air quality. In more confined spaces, our push saws, smaller yet highly effective, make precise cuts possible. And for the tightest spots, our hand-held saws offer unmatched precision and agility.

Why Choose Tulsa Concrete Contractors For Your Concrete Cutting Services?

Selecting the right team for your concrete cutting and sawing needs is crucial. At Tulsa Concrete, we blend expertise with innovation to deliver unmatched quality. Our commitment to excellence ensures your project is not just completed, but masterfully executed.

Unparalleled Precision

Precision is at the heart of everything we do. Our state-of-the-art equipment and skilled professionals ensure cuts are exact, clean, and perfectly aligned with your project’s specifications. This meticulous attention to detail means flawless execution every time. 

Advanced Technology

We stay ahead of the curve by utilizing the latest in concrete cutting and sawing technology. This advanced approach not only enhances efficiency but also ensures superior quality in every cut. With us, you’re choosing a future-forward service.

Customized Solutions

Industrial concrete is highly resistant to chemicals and abrasion. This characteristic is essential in settings where exposure to harsh substances and physical abrasion is common. It ensures the concrete surface remains intact and functional, even in aggressive environments.

Time-Efficient Execution

Your time is valuable, and we respect that. Our team works diligently to complete projects within set timelines, ensuring minimal disruption to your schedule. With us, efficiency is a promise, not just a possibility.

Our Services

At Tulsa Concrete Contractors, we offer a comprehensive range of concrete cutting and sawing services, each designed to meet your specific project needs. From intricate hand sawing to precise wall sawing, our expertise covers every aspect of concrete modification. Discover our services, tailored to ensure precision, safety, and efficiency.

Concrete Cutting

Concrete cutting is our forte, offering the quickest and most efficient method to penetrate floors, walls, and more. Our capabilities range from 2 to 30 inches in thickness and depth. This service is the backbone of many construction projects, providing a reliable and versatile solution for a variety of cutting needs.

Hand Sawing

When it comes to areas with limited access, our hand-sawing services shine. Utilizing hand saws, ring saws, and chain saws, we can achieve cuts up to 16 inches deep. This service is perfect for intricate, confined spaces where precision is paramount, ensuring that even the most challenging areas are seamlessly addressed.

Wall Sawing

Our wall sawing service utilizes a diamond blade on a track-mounted system, ideal for both vertical and horizontal cuts. This method is perfect for creating precise openings in walls, ensuring clean and accurate cuts that align perfectly with your project's specifications.

Backfilling Concrete

Backfilling concrete involves filling in excavated areas with concrete to restore flat, level surfaces. Whether you need to repair sunken spots in driveways, walkways or foundations, our experts can backfill with concrete to return your space to its original condition. By using high-quality concrete mixes tailored for backfilling, you can count on a seamless finish that blends in flawlessly with your existing concrete surfaces.

Concrete Removal

Our concrete removal refers to the demolishing or extracting existing concrete structures or surfaces. It typically involves breaking down the concrete using specialized tools such as jackhammers, excavators, or saws and then removing the debris from the site. Concrete removal is commonly performed during construction projects, renovations, or when repairing damaged concrete structures.

When would you need concrete cutting?

Below are key situations where concrete cutting is not just beneficial but often necessary:

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