Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions to help guide you about our concrete construction services: 

Does the paving contractor have insurance?

Insurance is an essential requirement anywhere in the construction industry, so a paving contractor also carries insurance. We want what’s best for our employees and clients, so we make sure that we have the most comprehensive coverage in case of unfavorable events. This helps us protect our business, quality of work, and the interest of our clients. 

Can I choose my style of concrete?

Yes, you can choose your style and design of concrete, depending on your preference. Concrete can be colored and shaped in a variety of ways. However, from time to time, we usually suggest a list of options for our client taking into consideration factors such as sun exposure and changing temperature. 

Will my concrete crack?

Concrete naturally cracks because it is not as flexible as asphalt or pavers. When it is in its shrinking process, it may develop cracks to relieve its pressure, and this can happen after 24 hours of pouring it on the ground. 

Although concrete cracking is a natural occurrence, it can be mitigated by using a seal. Seals will help densify the concrete making it last longer. 

What types of certifications do our concrete specialists have?

Our concrete patio installers have backgrounds in understanding its structural integrity. They are always on ongoing education and training to improve their knowledge and techniques. 

How will you access my backyard?

There are specific techniques for accessing tight spaces when installing a patio. It requires specialized equipment to carry heavy construction materials and tools. To know exactly how we will be doing that, we need to first have a visit to scope out the property to provide the best possible solution.

How long does it take to finish a concrete construction project?

The duration of your concrete construction project varies depending on what type of service you are availing, the size of the area that needs to be concreted, and the weather conditions. In most cases, patio concreting usually takes around 1-3 days, while driveways take 2-4 days. 

To have a more detailed timeline of how long it would take to finish your project, do not hesitate to contact us and discuss your needs and requirements.

How long will it take for the cement to dry?

As a driveway installer company, we understand how excited you may be to try out your new driveway. However, you may need to wait a little time so that what you paid for doesn’t go to waste. 

Usually, it would be okay for you to walk on brush finish concrete 24 hours after it’s laid down. However, for stamped or exposed concrete, you need to wait for the pressure wash and seal to be applied before you can start walking. For cars, you might want to wait for seven days before using the driveway for its primary purpose. 

It is crucial to ensure that your concrete undergoes the right curing process so that it will not crack after some time.