We’ve all seen that HGTV shows where the homeowners pour their concrete. It’s easy. Wrong! Concrete is a complex mixture of cement and water that needs to be mixed in the right proportions to be appropriately set. Homeowners who try to pour their concrete often have cracks or uneven surfaces as they don’t know how much water they need.   

While there are some DIY tutorials on making your mix, these lack essential details like what type of mix you should use, when you should add water (before or after mixing), and many other factors that will impact your quality project.   

Below are the things you should consider, why Tulsa concrete contractors are the best option for your concrete projects.  

What is concrete, and when should it be used? 


Concrete is a mixture of cement, sand, and water that hardens over time after being poured. Concrete is usually gray but can come in many different colors depending on what’s added to the concrete mix or on its final color once hardened.  

It forms the base for all types of structures, so construction professionals must take care of your property work because if the concrete isn’t done correctly, a foundation could decline in strength, leading to cracks over time. Hiring Tulsa concrete contractors ensures everything will be according to code and will last longer without any issues caused by improper concrete work.  

Why do people think that concrete is easy?  

You may think that concrete is easy because you’ve worked with it in the past and know what needs to be done. However, it isn’t like dirt; it requires knowledge to ensure everything is done correctly because it is tough to work with. It requires unique expertise as it can be dangerous if it is worked on incorrectly or improper equipment isn’t used during concrete repair or other concrete solutions.  

Many things go into working concrete 

Concrete isn’t like other jobs where you can get by with little experience or training. It requires specific knowledge to work correctly, not only for the safety of everyone involved but also to create a foundation that doesn’t crack over time. The following are some of the things that need to be taken into consideration when working with the construction material:  

  • Type of soil  – if your soil is too wet or sandy, you will need to add concrete additives so that the mix doesn’t crack over time.  
  • The temperature gets very hot as it cures, which allows the mix to dry. If the mix is poured when it’s still really hot, your concrete can crack or form hairline cracks over time.  
  • Pressure levels  – if you are pouring concrete for a bridge or any other place where heavy equipment will be driving on top of your mix, then you have to have the required load tables done correctly.  
  • Drainage  – if there aren’t proper drainage systems in your slabs, then they could collapse due to pressure from underneath.  
  • Type of concrete  – different types require different amounts of water and curing time.  If you don’t consider all of these things, then your foundation is not only at risk for cracking but is also likely to fall apart over time. This means that it’s in your best interest to seek professional Tulsa concrete construction services when preparing for a new pour.  That way, you can be sure everything is done by the book and according to industry standards 

What are the types of concrete used today?  

There are many variations today, depending on the intended use. Here are some mixes you should know about before deciding which project work is best for your home:  

  • Standard concrete – when concrete is used under normal circumstances.  
  • Bonding concrete – is typically used in high-traffic areas to allow wear and tear.  
  • Wearing surface concrete is generally used when there’s heavy impact, as in a room with sidewalks or roads.  
  • Specialty concrete – it is excellent for all types of decorative projects like countertops, outdoor patios, etc.  

What are some common mistakes that people make? 

  • Not using additives if necessary  – concrete without the proper strength can crack over time.  
  • Using too thin concrete causes issues for a few reasons: first, because it may not be thick enough to support a foundation, and second because it can take a long time to dry; third, concrete that is too thin can erode over time.  
  • Not using concrete with the proper strength  – if the mix isn’t strong enough for the job, it can crack and fall apart over time.  
  • Not following the curing process  – if your mix isn’t cured, then the sun or rain will wash away water-soluble compounds before they have a chance to harden. This shortens the lifespan of your concrete significantly. In some cases, you need to cure it for up to 28 days before you can even put anything on top of it.  
  • Using dirty sand– sand with dirt embedded in it isn’t concrete. It should be very fine without any debris.  
  • Not using the material properly  – the mix needs to be worked by professionals because their methods are designed for Tulsa concrete construction work. If you don’t use concrete the right way, you can cause all sorts of issues, from not completing your project to making one that doesn’t last.  

There are many benefits to hiring pro services   

Concrete is a job that takes expertise and skill if you want things done correctly without shortening the lifespan or causing other problems. One of the main reasons it takes experience is that there could be serious safety concerns if something goes wrong. Here are examples of safety precautions taken when the job is done correctly:  

  • Proper support  – concrete needs to be supported to prevent cracking and crumbling when placed under stress, such as during a concrete pour. If concrete isn’t reinforced, then the sheer weight of the concrete can cause it to deform or break, which could put people in danger.  
  • Temporary support  – concrete that isn’t yet cured needs concrete support until it dries. This prevents the weight of the wet concrete from causing problems with your foundation, so you don’t need any additional repairs.  
  • Weight restrictions on wet concrete  – wet concrete is much heavier than dry ones, so it will sink and damage your foundation if too much pressure is applied to it. While there may not be safety concerns when the mix isn’t done correctly, it will cause problems with your foundation that can be expensive to repair. This is why it’s in your best interest to hire quality services if you don’t have experience with concrete work.  

What are some benefits of hiring a concrete contractor? 

Tulsa concrete professionals are experienced for several reasons – they know how to use concrete safely and what kind of concrete is needed for different applications, so you don’t need multiple types of mixes poured on the same job site.  For instance, here are some reasons why using more than one type of mix on a job site is problematic:  

  • If more than one concrete formula is used, the curing time varies; it’s essential to keep your concrete curing time steady to prevent concrete failure. 
  • Using too much water with concrete can cause weak concrete. When you add water to concrete when it’s being applied, the strength of your concrete is reduced, so adding more would only make the concrete weaker, which increases strain on your foundation.  
  • Using less water with concrete can cause thick concrete  – if you don’t use enough water, the concrete will be thick and heavy, which leads to stress on your foundation after taking into account the weight of whatever will be placed on top of it.   
  • Not having concrete that isn’t thick or thin enough causes problems for a few reasons: it could crack over time due to not being able to support its weight; the surface might also crack, which makes concrete look terrible and can be difficult to repair; when concrete is poured that’s too thick then it could lead to other concrete not curing properly or concrete that isn’t smooth.  
  • Using concrete that isn’t strong enough. If you don’t use concrete the right way, then the strength of your concrete could be off, so anything put on top of it would cause damage because the base wasn’t sturdy enough. This includes using concrete with less than the required strength for your project.  

Concrete services are excellent because they know how to mix concrete to ensure everything is done correctly. They’re also experienced at mixing different types of concrete depending on what you need, which saves time and money by only requiring one pour instead of multiple pours.   

Hiring concrete construction services for your concrete work is the best idea because they can do everything that needs to be done according to code and without causing damage to the surface.  

What are some work examples that should be managed by a concrete contractor? 

Here are some general guidelines on when hiring a concrete construction contractor is the right option for your property: 

  • Construction – if you need a new foundation or floor, concrete contractors have experience applying concrete, which looks good and can support what’s placed on top without any issues. They also know how to construct anything needed for your project, including stairs, barriers, railings, and others.  
  • Concrete Repair – concrete that’s already been laid down but is cracking or breaking requires concrete services to fix it. Sometimes concrete slabs are repaired because there are cracks without any other issues, so concrete professionals can do the work needed to repair concrete quickly and correctly.  
  • Replacement  – concrete may also need to be removed if the concrete was done incorrectly or damaged over time due to lack of support. Suppose you have concrete slabs that need to be replaced. Hiring a concrete service is an excellent idea because they will tear up your concrete, remove it, properly dispose of it, and replace it with fresh concrete. This ensures everything is done correctly and doesn’t cause damage to the concrete.  
  • Resurfacing  – existing concrete can’t be resurfaced if the quality services don’t do the work first, so restoration is recommended if concrete needs to be repaired or modified. For example, concrete surfaces could turn grey over time because of algae growth, making them look terrible. This is another reason why hiring professional services is ideal because they can eliminate algae growth by applying concrete paint, which looks great and ensures concrete continues to look good for years.  
  • Leveling  – concrete slabs may need to be leveled out if concrete services don’t level concrete correctly. Concrete leveling needs to be done carefully to not crack or damage your foundation, so concrete leveling without causing damage is only possible with hiring professionals.  
  • Removal  – it may need to be removed if it’s no longer wanted or required for any reason. When concrete needs to be removed by concrete services, it will be taken out carefully not to damage anything, including your foundation, which ensures your home continues working perfectly.  
  • Disposal  – it needs to be disposed of correctly, so removing concrete will include professional services taking away your concrete in the proper manner, which protects your environment. If the used materials are dumped improperly, it could contaminate the soil or water supply near you, harming everything living there, including plants and animals.  


Concrete pouring professionals are the best solution for any project. If you’re not sure who to hire, don’t worry! Tulsa Concrete Contractors will take care of all your needs. We have a team of concrete solutions experts that can help with everything from budgeting and bidding to design with proven customer satisfaction. 

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