The Philbrook Museum of Art 

Philbrook Museum of Art is a landmark in Tulsa, OK. It was founded by Mr. J.P. Taylor, Jr., and Mrs. Virginia Taylor as a memorial to their daughter, Barbara Jean Taylor Burlin, who died at the age of four from complications of progressive hemolytic anemia on December 8th, 1955. The museum was founded with the goal “to encourage creative and intellectual freedom”. 

Philbrook Museum of Art is located on 27 acres in downtown Tulsa, OK. It opened in 1939 to the public as an art center for artists and art lovers alike. Philbrook has grown over time into a world-renowned collection that includes American Indian pottery, paintings, and sculptures from the 20th century, African art objects among many others. 

Philbrook Museum of Art is one of the largest privately-owned museums in Tulsa. It houses a permanent collection that includes American Indian pottery, paintings by European masters from the 19th century as well as sculptures among many other collections. The museum has also served as the venue for events such as art competitions, exhibitions, and even weddings. 

Since opening its doors more than 50 years ago Philbrook has been a place for locals and visitors alike to enjoy art from around the world with collections that range from classical antiquity to contemporary paintings and sculptures which are showcased in rotating exhibitions throughout each year. 

It houses 20 galleries 

Within this historic building is the Philbrook Downtown, a public art museum in Tulsa which houses over 20 galleries. Not only can you visit galleries to see current exhibits but there are also gardens and various events that take place at all times of the year.

Visitors are allowed to take incredible photographs of the galleries and even the gardens. The museum hosts events such as poetry readings, art workshops, concerts, weddings among many others which make it a great place for both locals and visitors alike. Philbrook Museum has grown over time into one of Tulsa’s most visited attractions with an impressive collection that spans art from across the globe. 


The Philbrook Museum of Art welcomes visitors to its premises seven days a week. The museum is open every day except Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. On Mondays, admission to the galleries is free which makes it an even better place for people who wish to visit on their time budget as there are no costs involved other than parking.

If you’re ever in Tulsa make sure to stop by for an afternoon or evening of art and culture. 

You can visit the Philbrook Museum of Art website to see their current exhibitions, learn about upcoming events, or purchase tickets online! 

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