The Gilcrease Museum 

The Gilcrease Museum is a museum in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It’s located on the east side of historic Route 66 and has been open to the public since 1947. The Gilcrease Museum is named for Thomas Gilcrease (1890-1963). He was an oilman who built his fortune from drilling wells in Oklahoma’s Cherokee County. His oil company later merged with Continental Oil Company which became ConocoPhillips Company.

ConocoPhillips Company sold the museum’s artwork to establish this museum. It was the world’s largest private holding of Thomas Gilcrease’s art, American Western memorabilia, and Native American artifacts. Visitors can tour 44 galleries filled with more than 22,000 works including paintings by Remington and Russell as well as works by Charles Marion Russell, Peter Moran, and Edward Borein. 

It represents over 130 artists 

The Gilcrease Museum has the world’s largest collection of western art with over 130 artists represented in its works. It also includes rare books, manuscripts, and other historical items related to Oklahoma history as well as American Indian history including one of the most comprehensive collections of native artifacts from North America.

The Gilcrease Museum provides a variety of educational programs for teachers and students. It also hosts many special events throughout the year including Native American workshops, artists’ receptions, lectures from art historians, and other speakers. There are several gift shops on-site as well as a restaurant that is open during museum hours serving lunch daily except Mondays. The museum includes a 12,000-square feet (1100 m²) research library with over 30,000 books and other materials related to Native American history. 

To this day, visitors can see many of Mr.Gilcrease’s possessions inside the museum including paintings by famous artists such as Rembrandt and Renoir, furniture he collected on his travels around the world, saddles used by General Custer at the Little Big Horn Battle site, and Native American artifacts such as pottery, basketry, weapons, and tools. The museum also holds galleries of western art including paintings by Frederic Remington & Charles M. Russell; gems from the Anna Marie Louise Hollingsworth Gilbert Collection which includes over 2000 pieces; costumes worn in Hollywood films such as True Grit (1969 film) and The Outlaw Josey Wales (1976 film). 

It’s open to the public 

The museum is open to the public daily and there are no charges for admission. It’s located on 20 acres of land with a 26-acre lake, just off historic Route 66. The Gilcrease Museum has become Tulsa’s most popular tourist attraction since it opened in 1947 and that’s why you should visit today.


The museum is open Tuesday through Saturday from 11:00 am until 05:00 pm. It’s closed on Mondays except during the summer when it opens at noon for one hour only then reopens again at 12:30 for the regular business hours. It’s closed on Sundays and is open between Thanksgiving Day and New Year’s Day, except Christmas Eve.